This page contains information about our Region VII EMS Standing Medical Orders (SMOs) including study guides to prepare for the exams. The SMOs just underwent a revision and went into effect March 1, 2022.

Below are the new Region 7 SMOs (effective 3/1/22) and study guides. Please ensure you follow your individual EMS System’s instructions for completing all preparatory study guides, educational PowerPoints and competency exams. 

2022 Region 7 SMO’s in effect 3/1/2022 (Dextrose appendix added 2/16/2023)

2022 Region 7  ALS SMO Study Guide

2022 Region 7 BLS SMO Study Guide

RACE video for training:

Every Region VII EMT, Intermediate, Paramedic, PHRN, and ECRN is required to complete the 2022 SMO update exam by 3/1/2022. Every new provider coming into one of the Region VII Systems must complete the 2022 SMO before working on a Region VII System Agency. 

If testing into a Region VII System, here is the Region VII Medical Math Study Guide to help you prepare.