St. Mary’s EMSS

Amita Health St. Mary’s Hospital Kankakee

St. Mary’s EMS System of Amita Health St. Mary’s Hospital is located in Kankakee, IL. Shawn Friedland M.D. is the EMS Medical Director, Kevin Bernard is the Administrative Director and Brandi Elder is the EMS Coordinator.

St. Mary’s System Entry

Applicants interested in joining the St. Mary’s EMS System will be required to complete an EKG test. Further details will be provided directly from the EMS System.

Hospitals affiliated with St. Mary’s EMS System

Ascension Health St. Mary’s Hospital, Level 2 Trauma Center

Resource Hospital for the Presence St.Mary’s EMS System

500 W. Court Street Kankakee, IL 60501

Kevin Bernard
Administrative Director
(815) 937-2106

Brandi Elder
EMS Coordinator
(815) 937-2495